You and I

Remember the long ago when we lay together
In a pain of tenderness and counted
our dreams: long summer afternoons
when the whistling thrush released
A deep sweet secret on the trembling air;Blackbird on the wing, bird of the forest shadows
Black rose in the long ago summer,
This was your song:
It isn’t time that’s passing by,
Is is you and I.
Ruskin Bond

M from Random thoughts revived the memory of this poem in me. And as much as I would love to talk and talk about time, changes and roads, some memories become richer in the privacy of one’s own mind.


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5 responses to “You and I

  • M (tread softly upon)

    Oh how beautiful! Exactly my thoughts. And no, there isn’t any point talking about what is passed. We live in it, revel in it. But talking about it somehow detracts from the moot point. Enjoying and reliving our memories. Thanks for the post.

  • karmic_jay

    It’s a lovely poem and loved the line about memories becoming richer in the aloneness of one’s mind.

    Here is the link for the red bell pepper chutney. The post has links to a very good food site as well. The chutney goes well with Besan Dosas or as a spread for bagels or other breads.

  • Shreemoyee

    Some memories may fester in the loneliness of ones mind too. Things of the past always seem so cherished and beautiful

  • Cacophoenix

    @M: I agree talking about it does detract from the moot point. But then sometimes and I repeat Sometimes, the other person dosen’t necessarily respond in a way that would make us feel good about the talking. It just feels very unsettling when that happens. And that’s why my self ruminating comment.

    @Jay: Thanks a plenty for the chutney. I absolutely love bell peppers and this is like manna from the heavens for me.

    @Shreemoyee: Thanks a lot fro walking by my blog. Hope you drop in again. I guess only when one is lonely in mind or removed from whatever conversation or event is happening that the mind goes to its reserve bank of memories. And 9 times out of ten it brings a smile to m face.

  • Perspective Inc.


    “some memories become richer in the privacy of one’s own mind.”

    Couldn’t agree with that more..

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