The Laurentis Syndrome!!

Ahhhh!!! I have been afflicted with the “Laurentis Syndrome”. It is not curable unless I have some freak accident and forget anything that happened to me before now. But fear not it is but an illness of the mind and not of the physical self. It happens when you watch too much of a particular show on Food network. In most cases it is usually the 30 minute thingy with so-sunny-it-gives-me-a-glare Rachel Ray. In my case, it is from this show called “Everyday Italian”. The host is this person called Giada de laurentis.

I am not sure when I started doing this, but I did some day. My dear “Guinea Pig” came into the battle ground one day with a wierd look on his face and asked me who I was talking to. To my horror I realised “Myself!!!”. I made an effort and actually caught myself doing it again snd again and again until it became so normal that when I don’t talk it probabaly forebodes a spicy dinner from a spicy lady. This is what I do. I start out by tying my apron and describing my dinner to myself. “We are going to have some real tasty basmati rice with roasted onions a little something we call pulao and garbanzo beans with a rich, delicately spiced tomato gravy”. And then I describe how I roast the rice in a dab of buttter so that the nuttiness in the rice comes out and how I spice it with a turn of the ol’ pepper mill. The onions are roasted to a deep golden brown and added to the rice. I then put a spoon in my mouth all the while thinkin to myself ” Mmm..roasting the rice really brings out its delicate aroma and that nutty taste in the rice. I then make my chole, describing how the tomatoes should be nice and ripe and the whole nine yards. I am still describing each and every ingredient and its respective aroma, and flavour. I mean I never knew corinader leaves had an earthy taste or curry leaves had a wee bit of spice in their taste. Or the fact that Shrikand was so creamy it just slides down your throat and the dal in the sabhar gave some texture to it and made it more thick and brought together the spices in it. Geez, who would have thought cooking was so mentally exhausting. Honestly though, I am actually enjoying the whole describe as you go cooking thing I have been doing. I have started taking my time and appreciating each ingredient that goes in and what it does to the food and I have even strted to taste the medley of flavours that each ingredient adds to the food. I know the whole talking thing makes me look like a looney, but hey I’ve never denied the fact that I am one.

Ok Got to go, My take is coming up..hehe


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