Holidays, Home sickness and Everything else.

I was away for a month (Hopefully the absence was noticed!!!) Went home. Given the fact that my grandparents haven’t been doing very well, I wanted to go. I wanted to get a taste of my grandma’s Mysorepa and tamarind rice. I wanted to feel the soft fluffy beard of my Grandpa. I wanted to give my Grandma a leg massage and sit next to my Grandfather’s rocking chair and hear his stories. I wanted to be there. And now that I am back I want to go back again more than ever. Life is funny.
I had a nice time. I guess there is some added pleasure in everything that I do when I go back home. Everything I do , or say I have to make sure I file it in moments to be remembered. It is like “Cud chewing” I eat in everything at one go and then once I get back I bring back each and every moment and slowly squeeze the memories, smells and sights in them till they are dry and colourless. But then by that time it is time to go back again. I do the darndest things when i go there. I take some sort of an apparel and get it ironed there. The person uses the old coal iron and the smell it leaves brings me back memories of school days. I bring back a packet of meera shikakai. It reminds me of Sunday mornigns at home and hw my dad used to rake his fingers through my hair every time I clean my hair. I bring back something from my mothers dressing table to remind me of her. I guess I am a little wierd. hehe.

I do have good news. I am finally going to take a critical step towards my dream. I am going to study political science. I have got admission and I am starting next week. Yey!! The thing is it is not one of those straigthforward dreams, or something that I have had all my life. I took interest only about 5 years back. The complication was that I was a major in Biology. So I had to work from the bottom up, little by little and claw my way to this step. And now that I am here the view is hazy, a lot scary and totally thrilling. I think of it as a huge achievement in terms of what I have done so far with my life and my dreams. It took a lot of guts to get here and I am crossing every finnger to make sure I come out the other end more alive than I have ever been. Will be doubly glad to have your best wishes. (Smiles).
I am back and it feels good to be in my seat, blogging….


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