Give me Back my Weekends.

This is how I picture a few of my weekends. Wake up, Load up on caffeine. Enjoy the happy sounds of the morning, take a walk, eat some breakfast, randomly walk around house straightening odds and ends, rambling away to parents and grandparents. Make lunch. eat a nice lunch with an awesome ovie. Fall asleep on the couch. wake up. settle in the relative comforts of the cushions with a die for book and a cuppa. do something in the eveninn like play a game of tennis or hang around the mall, come home have dinner, sit out in the summer night and count the stars. go to sleep.
Now picture this. Wake up, Load on the caffeine. Hit the net to figure out places to go, look for traffic patters and weather. decide between five different places to go. argue to no end. wolf on some breakfast. still nowhere solid. So just take the car and randomly drive, becasue it is boring that there is nothing to do and come home with a headache and fall asleep.
I am very much a travel enthusiast. I love the adventure of seeing new places, the mystery in experienceing new things, flavours and the whole nine yards. But I like the rustic charm of not doing anything today weekends every once in a while. In todays’ world where the person is often evaluated on how interesting he or she is by the level of activity on weekends make my rustic weekend look like a sob story. I have seen people go camping, rafting, hiking, and all ohter odds and ends just becuase their friends have done it too and they didn’t want to not do it and appear to be sad by sitting at homes. I love doing all these things, but not for the pressure of doing it, it is for the fun. and somedays I have more fun just wallowing in my bean bag. and I don’t see what the big deal is. It is not as if armageddon is around the corner and there is some tickets to escape into a distant planet if you see and do everything there is to do in the world. I like taking my things slow. I love walking in a new town, seeing the not so common sights and absorbing the out of ordinary. I don’t see the point in a weekend when you have to rush to do things and end up more exhausted and more tired for your monday morning when you are supposed to have ahoilday and rejuveunate yourself. Maybe that’s where the orgination of the term “Monday morning blues” is from. people are so blue by Monday mornign from all the running around, that all they want ot do is collapse. Some folks do have fun. They like the out of home experinence and the sense of achivement and satisfaction and high that the weekend of outdoorsy fun gives. I like it too. I however also like my books, my catnaps and my icecream at 3.00 in the afternoon. And that is one darn good reason for me to stay home and take back my weekend.


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One response to “Give me Back my Weekends.

  • M (tread softly upon)

    lol..I know what you’re saying. Every Monday people come up and ask “how was your weekend” and i’m thinking what the hell was I supposed to do that was so great anyways. Curling up with a book, quiet evening at home, a movie all of that sounds so warm and fuzzy. Exactly what I’d do if I could. Except that there’s so much work to do around the house: laundry, ironing, grocery, cooking, cleaning, etc. Grrrr…

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