I am a bit of a………

This is a little late coming, but this in relation to the prompts and write by Midget diaries:
I’m a bit of a dreamer. I like to imagine things that will be, I like to float above myself and look at my world and imagine the possibilities. When I read a book, I dream of being amongst the characters and watch their lives play out, something akin to the common man in laxman’s cartoons. When I see through the peephole, I see a world unexplored. The first thing that catches my eye are the cars parked neatly in a row, red, blue, silver and greeen. I see a dusty road and my mailbox shiny and nice and then I look beyond, I see what I did not the first time. I see trees, shaking of the self induced slumber of winter, I see flowers stretching their fancy petals up to the sky, I see butterflies dancing to the tunes of the wind, I see birds calling out to the sleeping world. I see these through my peephole and I dream. I dream of eternal spring, of hope, joy and love. I dream of a world where people could stop and live instead of exist. I see myself doing a skip, hop and a jump. I also see change and pray like the tree, the flower, the butterfly and the birdie, I gather the courage to live through these changes and never lose my ability to see though the peephole or lose that bit of me.


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