Dawn and Dusk…

It is hard trying to be a sports fan, harder when the two sports that you support the most looks bleak in the same week. Geez…I am getting a headache. Agassi bids adieu, and so do Germany. I have chalked it all upto fate. I mean if I hadn’t moved from the damn carpet, the goal wouldn’t have gone in, I mean is it really necessary for me to focus on my own comfort. (Groans and shakes fist at nobody)Whatever, No more sports talk here for a while.
On lighter notes, I have been seeing a rainbow for the past four days. As amazing as it sounds it is true. Same time around four-five in the evening, at different places in the sky.
I just realised that my jasmine plant which has remained flowerless for the past five years has been blooming profusely(Knocks on wood). I am guessing my passionate pleas during the matches must have energised them, Those plants sure have a ear or root for sports. heheheee
Been seeing the July 4th fireworks. Hard not to reminsce about good ol’ Diwali and the number of times the rocket went zooming on the road when the ketchup bottle toppled over and zipped right under the chair of the mean watchman who guarded the apartmetn down the road. Man he will never fall asleep at 3.00 in the morning again.
Icecream tastes the best when had at 1.00 in the night.
There is no comfort food like some really awesome curd rice made to the consistency of butter, and sprinkeld with mustard seeds and urud dal and eaten with real tangy lime pickele after more than three days of world cuisine.
Priya Pickle, the brand of pickle I get makes gujarathi chunndo and my day has been made.
People read my blog and actually even wonder where I am(dances a few steps)


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3 responses to “Dawn and Dusk…

  • karmic_jay

    Kinda stinks that Germany lost. Oh well I don’t have a dog in this fight so to say.

    Strangely enough organized July 4th firewords do not evoke Diwali memories for me, but seeing the nighborhood kids fire off a few did. Oh ya not to mention those misdirected bottle rockets. 🙂

    As for the description of rice, *A* would certainly appreciate is she does do a variation of what you described. Me on the other hand rarely eat rice.

  • M (tread softly upon)

    There you are! was wondering what happened to you.

  • akila

    caught up on all ur blogs today…. man curd rice and priya pickle rocks…esp when ur in a place like mine!!!!!

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