Gather the Herd and make them Decide!

For heaven’s sake people, talk to each other , really just sit and talk before you spurt your research findings.
Thank God I live my life without paying heed to scientists who research stuff. I ‘d be bonkers by now if I did. To give you a rough idea of the things that have been brewing.
I have to drink coffee to protect my body. But I shouldn’t drink it becuase of the Caffeeine. I shouls drink Tea because of the its antioxidants, but coffee is better than tea for heart disease. I mus t keep myself active when I age otherwise I will rot, now I work when I am old I risk heart attack, I have a walk roughly about 3000 steps on an average a day, but the pedometers are faulty. tomatoes are good for their lycopene, but are addictive given their relation to the tobacco family. Milk clogs arteries, but is required for calcium. fish if required for proteins but has mercury so be warned. grilling food is good for health, but the charcoal used to grill is carcinogenic. Chocolates are very very rich in antioxidants, but they are highly fattening. red wine causes to you to go woozy, but is an esential to prevent heart problems. I mean come on don’t you guys have anything better to do.
I just give a call to my grandmother. I still believe she knows best, after all she realised turmeric is good for health and beauty long before these people rattled of the statistics.


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2 responses to “Gather the Herd and make them Decide!

  • karmic_jay

    Don’t blame the scientists! 😉 A lot of these are often statistical studies, but I agree the cacophony of opinions on this can be so confusing.
    I think I tuned it out a while back. As with most things moderation is the key.

  • Cacophoenix

    @Karmic_jay: Yeah I realised that a while back. But just when I think I am doing everything perfectly without even listening ot these people, someone comes with a contradictory one. Let’s just say realising I may be doing osmething wrong is not a good wy to start a day 😉

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