Rocky Roads and Dark Forests…

Nah, it isn’t about the icecreams, although it does sound tempting enough. Man just talking about it makes my eyes glaze. The sure fire way to catch my attention is to give me an icecream. I guess I am getting distracted here…
I was off camping for a few days. It is such an amazing feeling to be away from computers, TV’s, phones, and generally normal life as I know it. I took a lazy hike, which ended up being a wee bit not so lazy when I had to climb a 60 deg angle of rocks to reach the top. But it was all worth it. The vast expanse of greenery and concrete as the sun is just coming up is stunning. I ws basically lazing around all day, chatting with near and dear who cared enough to tag along and to advertise that we were Football fans to a bunch of people who call it soccer we played some and showed them real football. There was also eating in the midst of all this, or should I say the rest of it was amidst all the eating. There were chips, goold ol’ Haldirams, Corn freshly grilled on camp fire, bread Sandwiches, Pav bhaji, Crackers, cookies, lemonade-loads of it, and to top it all of some really awesome Ice-cream. We sat around chatted till the last rays of sunlight vanished at around 10.00 PM. The tent was pitched near a lake and the sun ray reflected of it beautifully, people paddled at night. There were sounds of laughter and happy chatter all around, the birds were saying their goodnights. I then went to bed to the happy sounds of a guitar strumming and laughter and songs from the neighbouring camp. Okay well I didn’t really snore of into a blissful sleep. I should have probably mentioned this, but this camp is supposedly notorious for bears. I didn’t spot one, but I made sure I made a lot of noise wherever I went. That option is however not available when I sleep, so I sat there on a chair outside with a lantern for a few minutes till creepy-crawlies started falling from the trees above. I probably must have proved to be a souce of entertainment when I went around hopping on one knee, dusting my back, wiggling my hips and bending over and rubbing my hands up and down the other leg. It is technically not possible, but then it is not all the time you have that eerie sensation that something has gone somewhere. So there I was staring at the starlit sky as it filtered through the nets in my tent, inhaling the smell of night and listening to the croaking of a frog and thought to myself whether bears came near restrooms!!!
The best part was the sudden halt in your life. It gives you time to catch your breath, laugh, laze around and sleep under a blanket of stars and think about the stories your grandfather used to tell. It was a break from routine, from life and from time. Turned out to be one beautiful break


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2 responses to “Rocky Roads and Dark Forests…

  • M (tread softly upon)

    The one time I went camping I absolutely loved it. The whole tent experience and everything that you mention. The only damper was a brief shower that put out our campfire. I am glad you had a good time.

  • Cacophoenix

    @m: I had one trip where we got caught in a thunderstorm. If sleeping in a dark forest wasn’t wierd enough, ehre I was in a dark forest with heavy rains, thunder and lightning. The camp fire and the corn on cob at midnight after the storm ceased did taste good though

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