Eternal Questions on a Sleepless Night

Choices have daunted men for quite a long time. Even Hamlet had to choose “To be or not to be” and Frost had to choose between the two roads that diverged in a wood. I have always wondered if life would be simpler if each person brought into this world was born with a to-do list. Kind of like instructing the person which path to take in life. You will be too advanced for kinder garden jump to primary. Concentrate a lot in math and science you will need it, pick math with biology, study computers on the side. You have to write GRE,GMAT. you will be doing biocomputers, marry the second girl you see, have kids after 3 years, run around kid, be chased by wife/husband for the rest of your life. Parents do take care of most of these things these days. I mean with the pressure that the kid is put through to take medicine or engineering is insane, but then they successfully manage to eliminate the bothersome job of choosing what to study. Even with marriage and kids, I’ve honestly heard parents discussing and eliminating scores of girls and boys amongst themselves while the prospective victim to be is sleeping thousands of miles away. They even instruct the bride to hav kids soon and then take a job, so the grandparents can take care of the kid. I mean could life get any simpler. I guess I am an anomaly amongst the many hundreds who take this path. I chose a group made up of just sciences so I could skip math, that was like a huge, insane thing to do in the math superior tambram communtiy. I then went one step further and took a bachelor of science degree. I virtually ceased to exist for a few weeks. People thought I was in there just to rebel. My people would talk about applying in places for medicine, waiting till my entrance exam results to come out, then quit and join medicine, or study alternate medicine. I would talk and whatever came out of my mouth disappeared into a vacuum. They just kept talking. There were quite a few incidents between then and now, which made me feel as if I was doing a huge crime. But I just realised something, I am not making a mistake, I am just following my dream. We have a seemingly limitless number of choices bfore us, but shaped by our background and community we often make a choice, to please people and assume that that is what we want to, only to end up miserable in our forties and blaming our parents for our childhood. I had the most amazing set of parents who supported me, even when they disagreed with my choices, and I have made quite a few absurd ones. I am sometimes scared of making choices for the simple reason that I do not know where I would end up and if I would regret the choice I made. I wonder if I should have just studied medicine or engineering just to have a future which would be certain. But then I stop and breathe. I love the life I am living now, I am making chocies which are often considered wierd, but there is this whole unknown in front of me, that makes it exciting, I am raring to go and unearth my life. I know for sure that I am not going to be in a cubicle or over a operating table. I am also excited to be an anomaly. It is the anomalies who make history. you never hear about a person who studied biology, ent to study medicine and become a doctor. You hear about the person who studied medicine and became an archaeologist instead. that is fun. it makes for an interesting, intelligent person. I just have to keep in mind that whatever choice I make I should not look back and regret. Ok have to make history and make my autobiography more interesting.


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