It’s a GOAL!!!!

My throat is little bit hoarse, and my neighbours are shooting daggers at me when I step out of the house, but who cares. World Cup is here, and there is every reason to scream, dance and bellow at the top of my voice. Oh God this is so exciting. Germany was absolutely beautiful in the first game. They do need to shore up their defence if they are serious about winning though. There is a Poland Ecuador match going on now and I took a respite from the tube. Guess who got me excited about you are wrong. It was my Grandmother!!! She cultivated my love for tennis, Cricket , Football. I remember watching World cup into the wee hours of morning sitting next to her. It was during those pre dawn hours I learnt the wide variety of expletives in my mother-toungue too. She is an amazing person. It is not often that you get a grandmother who lets you bunk school or college to watch a world cup final or bets you cans of coke and a huge chocolate cake that Brazil would win. Man that eclair on that cake tasted awesome. A lot of her cooking depended on how well the match went the previous night. some really plain, bland food meant the match wsa wash out, food so spicy that your eyes turned red and water gushed out of your nose meant somebone screwed up the match big time and mysore pa’s and vegetable fritters meant all was well in football land. I call her these days to update her and get her input. She is better that any Football commentator anyday.
It’s probably a pity that the country I come from is too busy concentrating on one sport and awarding bharat ratna’s to fledglings to worry about sending a team to the world cup. It is as if no other sport existed. And the coutry I live, don’t even get me started about people who play a game with Japan and call it the world cup. It is sad. I mean think about this, equador, Ivory coast, Iran, Saudi, Cameroon all have professional Football teams to play and win in International Football matches and we are stuck ranked 117th and examining Dhoni’s hair and dravid’s sponsor sticker on his bat. Cricket is a glorious game no doubt, but there is more to sports than just cricket. IF we could spend billions on stadiums, security, cricket coaching, advertisement contracts for cricketers, why can’t we spend a fraction on other sports. If someone does well like Sania Mirza, we adulate her, go over the top in publicizing her, give her a Bharat ratna and forget about her. This is a sad state of affairs folks, indeed very sad. Politics is too widespread in the country and we take pride in passing the blame rather than doing something about it. Anyway, equador just hit another hoal and I am running away. GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!


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