Shoot First Ask Questions Later

I used to be a news junkie, a vey avid news junkie until recently. I hate turning on the Tv during my morning coffee these days. The news sounds like an international obituary column and it is the worst feeling in world to see people dying for no one’s cause, or the natural disasters which seems to be happening in increasing frequencies. Maybe I am overreacting. If natural disasters had happened a century back, there wouldn’t have been 24 hour news channel to report it or breaking news coverage. So maybe this is normal in the world I live, but that still dosen’t explain the sinking feeling I get when I see live coverage of death. The morning news today was about the killing of 11 civilians in Iraq in what could be an alleged massacre by the US marines. The investigation is on. THis kinds of brings up a pattern on violence against civilians in IRaq and Afganisthan. The person who was interviewed on the news channel seemed to think that the US marines should have had ethical training and insurgency training before embarking into war. He said that it was a little too late for them to set things right now. He said and I quote “They shoot first and ask questions later”Wasn’t that obvious, after what happened in Vietnam and Korea. People refuse to learn from History. History is not that boring subject you learnt to pass your boards. There is actually so much to learn from the mistakes that the people before us made. They made it beacause they were not aware. But isn’t it foolishness to do it again because we just didn’t feel like listening or sitting for a moment and thinking fo the consequences. Politics is not something you involve in because of bravado or because you can do it. Go bungee jumping or stand out in a thunderstrom for that. I don’t suppot any kind of killing, especially killing in the name of a peaceful religion. These religious controversies seem to be rising in tempo and violence as each day goes by. Why in heavens name would a democratic, secular country ban a movie, a fiction. If you don’t accept someones viewpoint, just say so and let them to do what they want. Banning a movie because it dosen’t gel with what one community believes in is stupidity. If you son’t like that movie so much don’t watch it. Movies are creative expressions, just like blogs, paintings, books…It is what one person thinks and feels and by banning somnething that they put their heart and soul into we are asking people to stop feeling and thinking and curtailing their freedom of expression. Water, Fire, Da vinci code, Satanic Verses are all art forms which need to be respected for their art, not for their take on religion. By restricting these we are disrespecting God by refusing to give an outlet for a talent that is God-Given.
I guess I could rant on for hours together, but right now I need to go run, or something. Atleast I can burn anger and fury along with some adipose tissues.


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